About Grandmother Garden: an invitation to plant your reflections here.

BlossomsEmerging_medThis is a place for celebrating growth. My grandparents have taught me about aging with grace, and vim and vigor. Whether they’ve come into your life by blood, marriage, or as part of your “chosen family,” grandparents are incredibly special.

In the Grandmother Garden, I’ve planted some reflections with love and gratitude from a granddaughter, for my dear ones.

Perhaps you will recognize something that resonates with you. Maybe what you see blossom here will encourage you to share your own story here, or with your family or friends.

I invite you to reflect and share your memories of your Grandmother and/or Grandfather. Maybe this is your biological grandparent, or “bonus” grandparent via marriage or remarriage. Or maybe not. Maybe you were fortunate to have a grandparent as part of your “chosen family” of kindred spirits. Maybe this is someone who lives nearby or on another continent or only as a memory in your heart. Maybe this is someone who was part of your growing up or who was “brought to life” for you out of the memories or stories of others in your family.  Maybe you are a grandparent and you’d like to share something about that experience.

Maybe your reflections are happy…or not. Maybe growth came from struggle — a seed pushing through the dark soil, or roots stretching through brittle earth searching for water. Maybe when you think about grandparents, it is bittersweet, or silly, or sad, or absurd, or…… Will you dig in and explore why?

Write from your heart. You are welcome to choose any style–essay, poem, letter, interview, etc. and any length is fine. Or maybe you’d like to draw or paint or sculpt or sing.

Pass this invitation on to your family and friends. All ages welcome.

If you are willing to share, I’d be honored to “plant your memories in the Grandmother Garden” and publish them as part of this blog if you send to reflections@grandmothergarden.com.

To enliven your story, if you’d like, please send me a photo. I could also link to an audio or video clip, or to your blog.



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